SIEP 2.0 – SOCIAL INCLUSION THROUGH EDUCATIONAL PILLS AND GAMIFICATION has officially started, the project involves different partners from different countries, such as the Foundation Aspaym Castilla y León, coordinator of the project, and BIDERBOST BOSCAN & ROCHIN from Spain; CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development from Italy; Rosto Solidario from Portugal, Regional Centrum Wolontariatu, Poland and More Mosaic, Sweden.
The first project meeting, took place on 12 February 2021 and was held online due to the pandemic.

During the meeting, the Aspaym Castilla y León Foundation went to the heart of the project by defining its purpose, specific and general objectives and outlining project activities. The SIEP 2.0 project aims at fighting bullying and cyberbullying, phenomena which, unfortunately, are becoming more and more present in the daily life of Young European and especially for people with disabilities or with fewer opportunities.

In order to achieve the project’s objectives, two basic methodologies, already tested in previous projects, will be reviewed and applied as best practices on inclusive education and promotion of common values.

The first is the “Put yourself in my shoes” methodology, which was designed and implemented in Valladolid (Spain) and was created with the aim of promoting the normalisation of disability among young people.

The second is the SIEP methodology, carried out in Valladolid (Spain), Salamanca (Spain) and Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), which uses the theatre of the oppressed and “educational pills”, i.e. food for thought to fight bullying and cyberbullying among young people.

In the SIEP 2.0 project these two methodologies will be enriched with some elements from the world of GAMIFICATION.

For this reason, SIEP game will be developed (both as a mobile app and as a board game) which will become the most important tool of the project, in order to raise awareness about the young people with disabilities, to describe the bullying/cyberbullying phenomena and to promote the acquisition of social and civic competences, promoting understanding and ownership of fundamental values and rights (as a process to counteract this and also any form of intolerance in young people’s daily life ).

We expect that the SIEP 2.0 project will have a wide impact by involving young people, educators and local authorities.

During the kick-off meeting, the first steps of the project were defined. The coordinator gived the different tasks and the partners can’t wait to start this amazing project.

The first step will be the launch of the online questionnaires that will help us to understand the needs of the whole European community. New and exciting developments are waiting for us.