The SIEP 2.0 project (621487-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN), aims to counteract bullying and cyberbullying among European adolescents and young people, especially among those with fewer opportunities than their peers. This initiative focuses on expanding two of our best practices on inclusive education and promoting common values:

  • Put yourself in my shoes – Disability awareness workshops using role-playing
  • SIEP – Fight bullying through Educational Pills and Theatre of the Oppressed

For this second edition, the kick-off meeting was held in Valladolid by the coordinator ASPAYM. Jointly with the co-partners – CEIPES, REGIONALNE CENTRUM WOLONTARIATU, MORE MOSAIC, ROSTO SOLIDARIO and BIDERBOST, BOSCAN & ROCHIN – the meeting focused on the overall project structure, plan, and objectives. The estimated implementation period includes three years (01/2021 – 01/2024) divided into three Work Packages (WP). To complete these WP, the team has set a 7-phase plan to produce the following results:  

  • Improve the projects “SIEP” and “Put yourself in my shoes”
    • App and board game – Develop the SIEP 2.0 Game, starting from the enrichment of good practices “Put yourself in my shoes “and” SIEP “with the use of gamification processes
    • SIEP Labs – Launch the local SIEP workshops to involve the communities and partners regions
    • Role Models – Expand the use of the Role Model methodology among young people, parents, educational staff and youth workers
  • European Book of Recommendations

At this point, the project group is approaching the 3rd phase (Training in good practices) that will start at the end of February in Kielce (Poland), where trainers, educators and students will meet to experience the Role Model curricula; namely, 6 days of activities to test and implement the various techniques and tools that the project includes, and provide the right training to whom is going to be the next Role Models in their respective contexts.

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