Fundación ASPAYM Castilla y León

The ASPAYM Castilla y León Foundation has been working in the field of social services, particularly in the field of physical disability, since 2004. It helps people throughout their life cycle and is supported by educational and social experts as well as researchers. In the group of people with physical and sensory disabilities. In recent years, the Foundation has developed several projects using new technologies and promoted their use as a tool to improve the rehabilitation and quality of life of people with disabilities. The youth department of ASPAYM Castilla y León develops many activities of promotion, non-formal education, employment, inclusive leisure, etc. One of the most outstanding examples is the inclusive camp developed by the organization, which has 22 years of experience and multiple awards, as well as the awareness-raising project “Put yourself in my shoes”, whose main objective is the standardization of disabilities in schools, community centres, youth organizations, etc.

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 and based in Palermo, Italy. It leads a Network of more than 8 European and extra European associations focused on Education, Training and Social Development. CEIPES has expertise on Education, Transfer of innovation and Project management in different European programmes tackling the Education and the capacity building of different target groups, from young people to adults, from women to unemployed, migrants and disadvantaged groups. It also promotes lifelong learning, vocational training and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing opportunities for youth and adults to improve and acquire competences and therefore boost their employability and inclusion. CEIPES has several links with public and private local and international stakeholders that can contribute to the achievement of project results in terms of dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of them. CEIPES can count on experienced staff composed of professionals with different competences and fields such as psychology, communication, training, international cooperation, social and cultural mediation, social assistance, ICT, digital manufacturing and law.

Yulia Usova

Yulia Usova

More Mosaic

More Mosaic is a non-governmental organization based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its aims are to promote academic, cultural and political exchange, to participate in the discussion about European citizenship and to serve as a platform for meaningful collaboration between Sweden, EU and other actors beyond former geopolitical borders. Updating without losing its origins, More Mosaic’s mission is the exchange of best practices with other countries’ civil society’s representatives, the spread of democratic principles and the involvement of youth workers in activities enhancing the European Union’s values. During 2016-2018 More Mosaic became involved in the issues of migration and integration: – with newly-arrived in Sweden and organising Swedish lessons funded by Vuxenskolan; – organised a seminar on inclusion of IDPs/refugees in hosting communities that resulted in a mutually developed document Recommendations for Integration of IDPs and Refugees in HCs. During 2016-2019 our organization has implemented a number of projects in Sweden, Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Armenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Morocco and Ukraine under Erasmus+ funding. It includes seminars, trainings, youth exchanges, job shadowing and EVS. 2017- 2018 More Mosaic has initiated a Strategic Partnership Project ‘Peace&Love Vector’ under Erasmus+. The aim of the project was empowering of youth leaders and youth workers in the field of preventing extremism and radicalization focusing on young people with migrant background through exchange of practices and experiences between partners’ organizations from the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries. During different years More Mosaic implemented a number of different projects on media literacy. Current project on counteracting bullying and cyberbullying will introduce a new area for More Mosaic but we will contribute with our accumulated experience in the field of youth work in Sweden and abroad.

Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu

We are one of the most active non-governmental organizations operating in Świętokrzyskie region in Poland. For over 15 years, our main activity is helping people who want to become volunteers and intermediation between volunteers and organizations that need help. We promote volunteering, we uphold the enforcement of volunteers laws, we give our experience, advice and we inspire action. Regional Volunteer Centre also supports the initiatives of young people and offers high-quality workshops and training, as well as many fantastic international projects! The mission of the Regional Volunteer Centre in Kielce is to inspire and encourage active citizenship and volunteering for the development of civil society. Our organizations focuses on three main pillars – volunteering, youth work and international activities. We provide space for non-formal activities and deliver non-formal education activities. We are a Eurodesk Information Point as well organization that hosts 20 ESC volunteers and VET interns. The Volunteer Centre coordinates various Erasmus+ projects in the field of youth, sport, adult education and the capacity building.

Rosto Solidário

Rosto Solidário (RS) is a Portuguese NGDO (non-governmental organization for development), established in 2007. The organisation is based in Santa Maria da Feira about 30 km from Oporto. RS aims to foster global citizenship and solidarity by enhancing local communities’ human and social development. RS core principles are civic participation, social integration, solidarity, networking and partnership. The organisation scope of work includes four main areas: International Development Cooperation, Global Citizenship Education, Volunteering and Family-based Social Support. Gender Equity, Human Rights and Social Inclusion are RS cross-cutting subjects. RS legal status of public utility has been recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008. As a Portuguese NGDO Platform member it is represented both in Development Education Working Group and Working Group on Ethics. RS is a credited host and sending organization for European Voluntary Service projects since 2011. Since the beginning RS is supported by the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ. It is also a member of the Plataforma das Entidades de Voluntariado Missionário (national network of Catholic institutions that promote international volunteering programs). At the local level, RS is a member of Rede Social do concelho de Santa Maria da Feira (local network of 115 organisations with social intervention programmes – following National Action Plan for Inclusion guidelines). Within this network RS has been awarded four times as recognition of its work in volunteering and supporting local communities’ development.

Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin (BB&R)

Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin, SL (BB&R) is an international consulting company with an outstanding track record in corporate social responsibility in the field of youth. BB&R headquarters are in Salamanca (Spain), university center of excellence in southern Europe. Its staff consists of ten young professionals from various cultures and disciplines. BB&R have carried out projects for different international organisations (European Union, EU-LAC Foundation, InterAmerican Development Bank, United Nation Development Programme, World Bank, International Organization for Migration), NGOs and government agencies (Spain, Brazil, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, UK). BB&R seeks to add value by incorporating tools and strategies that train young people and youth workers with skills for successful integration into the labor market and active civic life. Active civic life. For lifetime achievement, BB&R has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Peru in Spain with the “Award for Best Business Initiative in Spain” (2015).